14 January 2013

At night, white & more

Today's prompts were hero, starts with I (2x), at night, emotion, white, action, something yellow, appetite.

All the shots are at night but there's white, yellow, and starts with I in there too.

First up is a great little house that just happens to be yellow and has white picket fence.  I'd have to dig back into my archives but I think the yellow and the full fence are recent changes  and I approve.

I can envision this house having a double life somewhere along the shore in New England or the mid-Atlantic. 

The next shot has the technicality of being part of an intersection as it is on the corner of University and Richmond but mostly it is an at night shot of Filter Coffee shop.  

Usually I'm trying to shoot this intersection from a different angle/location and there's way too much light coming from a wide range of light sources to get a shot that isn't more unintentional art than photography. That's a really nice way of me saying that I have a lot of photos that are interesting but crap.

So speaking of art.  Right 'round the corner from that first house is a fence/gate that was my first, oh yeah white.

This one looks good as a white fence photographed with a flash at night but it looks way better with a black and white filter applied after the fact.

I have several other starts with I or something yellow images  for the day but I'm liking this composition.

Tomorrow's words:  action, basket, reflection, behind, hero, change, cable, an ordinary moment, strength.

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