16 January 2013

Tiny/small treasures and big memories.

In this blog post, you will discover that my wood furniture is not just oak. The china cabinet/secretary is mahogany.

Birch, pine, teak, maple and others have occasionally shared digs with me.

Today's words were night, tiny, safe, eyes, inside, small, stranger, two things, and luck.

Maybe it is a equal time thing, but while yesterday's photo was paternal family slanted (in currency at least), today is a tad more maternal line.

This carved shell has been part of my life/family for at least 50 years -- probably nearer 65-70. It may have been part of the souvenir lot my father brought back from the Pacific after WWII or it might have been a gift from my Uncle Tommy.

I was either not around or too young to know the details of how it came to be part of the fascinating bits and bobs surrounding my maternal grandmother.

My maternal grandmother was a fascinating woman in her own right but for a small child her collection of embroidered scented hankies, cat figurines, African violets and porcelain figurines made her damn near irresistible.

This little sample of grandmother's stuff was one of my "please, please let me see" moments of youth that stand out every time your beloved elders trust you to handle such items.

As my grandmother was not mad keen on dusting (rins in the family), this treasure spent the bulk of its life with her wrapped in tissue inside of an oval velvety gift box.

It had a similar comfy berth for most of its time with me -- which I suspect is how it managed my many moves intact.

It has lived in the china cabinet/secretary surrounded by other small treasures for many years now.

The original tissue was replaced as needed and the box finally split its seams beyond repair and cannot be found but the treasure they protected and housed lives on.

It isn't much taller or wider than a standard business card and only a bit deeper.  The carved figures in front of the house are no taller than the width of my pinkie's fingernail.

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