20 January 2013

A mixed bag on a Sunday -- 3 (or a triple) with blue skies

No Monarchs today but there is an eclectic mix of paper, trees, strange things I saw and maybe a moon shot.

Prompts on the day were black, triple, sorted, band, paper, sound, clear, something you saw, & music.

Paper and black combined in this shot of a piece of specialty paper I bought at Artist & Craftsman Supply -- source of many of a project or project component and home to many of my dollars.

The trees in the "we three trees of Hillcrest" shot are ones that, shot from a different direction, look amazing when the sun is setting in a blaze across the sky.

Unfortunately, when those self-same trees and the sky are looking amazing to my human eye, they are -- more often than not -- fuzzy images in a washed out sky to my non-human (camera) eye.  I'm working on getting back that happening way less often than not but it is a slow slog back.

Still, the sky was a beautiful blue and the sudden weather shift to unseasonably warm temps just made a triple palm shot make sense.

Yesterday I wrote that I finally got some good shots of images I've been stalking for some time. Today I snagged a few more images of different instances of this oddity that could have fit yesterday's man-made prompt but is making a teaser appearance today as something I saw.

It is likely that one of today's images and other previously taken shots will show up as a posting about the unexpected things you see and conversations you will have when walking about with a camera.

Hey, if I'm going to reserve the right to "cheat" a little on this photo challenge, it should probably be somehow related to the spirit of the challenge and/or visually interesting,

And finally, hey the sky was blue, the sun was setting, and the moon was visible so the camera and I couldn't quite resist this moon shot that I could get without benefit of tripod.

Same moon, darker sky, later in the walkabout only human eye recorded.

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