19 January 2013

Mostly floral on the day

Bow, colour, sign, man-made, flower2x, childhood, delicious, health were the words on the day.

The daffs I bought the other day were mostly in full bloom and ready for portraits or closeups.

It is way, way too early for daffs but I'm not going to hold off buying them until they should be out or I'll miss them entirely. 

I scaled this daff image by 50% but otherwise it is the compose in camera image.

Flowers also played a role in the "Wait, wait, is that a Monarch I see?" photo from today.

I doubtlessly delayed my planned arrival at a few locations today by noticing it to begin with and then picking a camera to pull out of the kit and patiently waiting.

But I was rewarded by the sight of this post pupa beauty doing a bit of aerial ballet before coming back to the blooms that caught both its and my attention.

And, of course, more importantly, getting this shot. You may have to click on the image and do a little "Where's Waldo?" But if this guy or his/her friends cooperate with more local appearances I'll try to get tighter shots or even vids before they head to colder climes.

I've had some good not on script/prompt photos lately so I'm going to try to keep with at least one prompt based photo per day playing by the photo matching day's prompt  must be taken on the day of the prompt.

So I don't leave too much on the cutting room floor and/or need to shift from walkaboutknitter to walkaboutclicker (or maybe snapper)

I will be doing some shift back to knitting (when the to-be-published grand silence finally lifts) and theme photo based postings that may be off day of the prompts.

If that last phrase sounds a bit convoluted/cryptic I getcha.

Today I got some shots I've been trying to capture for a few weeks that I could wedge into the man-made prompt but I didn't want to promote them over today's flower themed photos or S-can the series of shots because they weren't taken on a day when they matched the prompt.

In a similar vein, I could be going for today's bow prompt but I'm thinking that I will preserve that experiment with shooting highly reflective white metal  effort for an avatar/profile image.

So we'll close out today's flower themed photo tour with a little ice ice baby ice plant blossom.  This was the only blossom on field

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