26 May 2008

First of the flash backs

I took this photo 2 months ago during a ramble through the hood. It was a sweet little welcome to Spring shot and since it's still Spring it's still timely.

Unless you live here and are fairly observant, you wouldn't think that this shot was taken in such a high density urban environment but that's part of the charm of where I live.

So what was I knitting then and what am I knitting now?

Then I was still bouncing between the over due hats and my secret squirrel sports projects. Now secret squirrel sports and not sports stuff.

I had some mad forays into adventurous entrelac and what bits of that aren't also secret squirrel will appear in a future (possible flashback) post.

21 May 2008

Alive and knitting

Since it is now nearly a month since I was reminded by some of those strange folk that actually pop 'round this here blog from time to time that it had been a month since my last blog entry, I thought I'd just offer a sign of some sort of life.

Since my blog entry, I have "banked" no fewer than 32 draft blog entries.

The goal, of course, in creating the drafts was to edit them and publish them rather than leave big gaping holes in my blogging. The last time I was absent without blogging, the drafts were little more than placeholders so I just purged them and moved on.

This time many of the drafts, much like many of my knitting projects, are somewhere along the continuum between rough drafts and near publication ready. This makes purging them seem somehow improper but finding the time to complete them is just not happening any time soon.

So, the question became what would blogger do if I posted a current blog entry and then proceeded to publish the earlier drafts. The general consensus of those consulted was that I'd be crazy and/or very brave to do such a thing and find out.

So the time passed, the drafts languished, and, while I still don't have the luxury of time to polish up and publish those poor little drafts, I decided to send up a signal flare and tell people that I'm still here.

I have been knitting and if you know me, you know I've knitting at least a few slightly strange projects. If you happen to live near me, you may even have seen some of the odd things I've been making with sticks and string.

I'm under deadline, overweight (again -- sigh), overworked, under paid, over tired and over stressed -- you know, just like everyone else.

But I am knitting and while a lot of what I'm up to is secret squirrel stuff (pending possible publication etc.) I'm having fun.

I'll see what I can do to get some blog action going again and also find my way back to my fave local knitting get togethers on a regular basis

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Closing, saving and publishing before either Mozilla/Firefox or Blogger have another minor meltdown.