30 April 2010

So what happened to January, February, most of March & now April?

Well, if I manage to write and post this in the next 10 minutes I will at least have one blog posting in April 2010.

I'm guessing that "stuff" isn't quite going to cut it and playing another smoke and mirrors bringing on the backlog and backdating entries is just a recipe for getting myself back into the same sorry state down stream.

So what did happen?

Job front -- more resumes out, a mixed bag of interviews but no close the deal job happy ending so far. So the resume roll out continues. Some good networking connections but the market is still pretty soft and reqs are still being cut/canceled so it is what it is.

I'm playing with XHTML, CSS and other tools to keep and expand my skill set. I may finally roll out some CSS on my web page or more likely one or more of the web pages I handle for others.

The big push after job seeking has been designing and swatching and there's not a happy ending there yet either.

But I do have some nice designs that need to find a publisher (could be me if the graphic artist ever gets bum in gear or I finally cut him out of the deal) and more in the works as I have been soothing my soul and fingers with the healing power of deeply saturate dyed ultra fine alpaca.

Pictures from camera, computer & phone along with mundune musings will appear here soon nad hopefully more often than once a quarter.