10 September 2010

July forward looking inward

So for everyone who has an issue with white on black -- byte me. I'm only a little kidding about this.

I recently went to a professional meeting where the suggestion was that only people without design and layout experience did light text on dark background web and blog layouts.

Byte me seems right. There are many reasons for light text on dark background as a legit design not the least of which is making it harder for someone to print your text and call it their own.

Oh yeah, anyone and everyone can view the source content however they prefer (say black on white) and defeat that intellectual property hurdle but if anyone and everyone can do that then who the Hades cares if I publish in something (white on black) that you have a problem with since you have the power to see it regardless.

I'd respect your complaints a bit more if you reserved them for the must have insert name of browser add on/plug in especially of a specific version to view content.

Okay, it is an ongoing issue for me. Also ongoing is this little insight into my life.

Early in July I drove a friend to her doc's appointment to check out the hairline fracture in her foot.

Since the appointment was supposedly going to be a short one and we had other graphics issues things to discuss it wasn't a drop off favour.

I parked the vehicle in the pay garage, sent pal up with the get validation chit and said the catch you later at the elevator before rambling off to fave local thrift to do a bit of shopping.

As I walked back 'round toward 5th Avenue Books to pick up a used copy of an HTML/CSS book, I tripped and fell on a small up tick on the sidewalk by University & 5th.

I can't even begin to count how many times I've almost fallen/tripped at that same seemingly safe stretch of sidewalk but this time I flew and landed on outstretched palm.

Some lovely people helped me up, collected my things and convinced me that this was not a walk it off, never mind moment. It seems so subtle to you and me but this is a lovely close up of a broken ulna & radius near the wrist joint . As a true inside shot, you don't get the fun of seeing the lovely jut out, distortion, "dang gal that's effed up" vision of nasty my little let's talk shock adrenaline rush brain was coping with.

I thanked my helpers, collected my stuff, isolated and imobilised my arm and walked the two blocks to the nearest emergency room/trauma centre.

This is pretty much the story of July on for 2010. I'm not brilliant at reading x-rays and this is not a Rocky & Bullwinkle over the top obvious x-ray but apparently it was a pretty nasty break.

Being me, I refused pain meds, embraced ice packs and minimised my time in hospital as best I could. I am, after all, a woman who did a breast cancer biopsy as an outpatient procedure in 1974 because I refused to stay overnight.

I couldn't quite manage that in-n-out bit on this one but I was gone baby gone with pins & plates in place ASAP.

Bones heal quickly. Soft tissue slower. I can write, I can type, I can code. I can sort of kind of knit. I can't make a fist (never was a big left uppercut gal), don't ask me to long tail cast on and we are just not going to speak of my plait my hair skills